2017: Creating Tomorrow

Terry Barner shows you how documenting his life with video changed his life for the better and why you should too. Terry Barner forgets things. The mileposts in Terry's life are easy to remember, like his current job as a senior video producer at Missouri S&T's Marketing and Communications Department.
Jon Barry explains why school breakfast is valuable to the health and success of our young people. Jon Barry is a passionate public servant and advocate for the people of Missouri. He started his career in state government as the Director of the Show-Me Heroes program in 2013 before accepting leadership roles in the Office of the Secretary of State in 2015.
Mr. Bassey explains why getting diagnostic imaging equipment to the global market is important and how it can save lives. Jeremiah Bassey is an entrepreneur, a thinker and a problem solver. He was born in Nigeria, where he had a firsthand experience about the challenges in the healthcare system in Nigeria and in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Dr. Joel Burken explains some of his research related to using plants in a whole new way. Dr. Burken received his PhD from the University of Iowa in 1996, where he conducted some of the initial research on phytoremediation. He has been at Missouri University of Science and Technology since 1997.
Chad Fong uses his expertise to help us understand why getting in the right mindset can make all of the difference Chad is a Mental Conditioning Coach and owner of Helm Mental Conditioning.
Journey with Matthew Kerns as he illustrates the triumph of the arts through personal stories and examples of success and meaning. Matthew is an artistic work-maker, educator & performance curator. He believes that performative arts in and for the community are vital to the cultural fabric of our existence.
What is wrong with believing in science? Join dynamic speaker Jossalyn Larson on a journey through an understanding of what it means to place your faith in a word and rest your laurels on a concept. I am an Assistant Teaching Professor with the Department of English and Technical Communication at Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Dr. Meuser discusses his research in defining a parent's legacy. Through conversation with multi-generational families he works to uncover what a legacy is and what it means. Tom Meuser, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and applied gerontologist at the University of Missouri - St.
Dr. Schonberg explains why a technological education is important for all young people. He puts on display the connection between art and science and how they are entirely dependent on each other. Dr. William P. Schonberg is a Professor in the Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department at Missouri S&T.