TEDxMissouriS&T is looking for local sweet treat businesses to showcase their talents during the intermission of our event.


We are thrilled to showcase your treats at our event! Our theme this year is Dare to Consider. We hope you can draw inspiration from our theme or use the traditional TED colors in your treats. It is not mandatory to bring marketing materials, but we welcome you to decorate your area with your business name and colors.

We are expecting about 200 attendees this year and will provide an intermission about halfway through the event. During intermission attendees will have the opportunity to visit the different sweet treat booths and vote for their favorite. The booth with the most votes will win a $500 prize and a 30 second commercial advertisement. Winners will be announced after the event.


  • Provide a type of dessert or coffee - no appetizers or finger foods
  • Prepare 175 treats for the event on Thursday, March 15
  • Provide your own tasting supplies; trays, cups, plates, toothpicks, etc.
  • Bring your own marketing materials to the event; banners, brochures, etc.
  • Submit a photo of your dessert creation to us by March 5
  • Provide a reliable point of contact for a TEDx liaison


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Person of Contact
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